Ascended Master Prince

The Purple Saturation Sessions are Divinely-inspired, immersive experiences.

These sessions are for visionaries who are ready to stop hiding and stand up.

If you are here for big things and you know it
The time has come to make it known
To stand up and show it

You are not alone

You do not have to feel afraid

This is your truth

He gently yet firmly stuck his purple boot in my ass. Lovingly. Nurturing, with the energy of pushing the baby chick out of the nest because it’s time. Patient, yet unwilling to put up with reluctance.Dr. Heather Clark

What’s a Purple Saturation Group Experience?

  • Recorded Audio

    Download available within 24 hours of session (often sooner)

  • Personal message from Prince

    Group + Personal Message Channeled through Lisa for each participant

  • Time for your questions

    He’s open and willing to answer your questions about anything that came up during his message or your work as a visionary.

Purple Saturation Group Experience


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More about the Purple Saturation Group Experience

Prince and I work to set the energy before we meet and his soul is already talking to yours. He knows what’s happening with you on a level you might not be aware of (yet). In every session we’ve done together, he’s delivered a different message that’s been eerily perfect for the person who received it. Sometimes, he’s all about a “purple boot in the butt” and other times, he’s about bringing in the energy of BIG LOVE and COMPASSION.
I never know what’s going to happen (except for a few pieces we set in place ahead of time) but trust that what comes through is what’s required, as he sees it.
If you’re looking for gossip, or what happened to him when he died or things like that, this is not the place to come looking. He shows up in these sessions as his Ascended Master self where he has no attachment to his life as a human. He has shared certain personal experiences with those for whom it was appropriate but the sessions are focused on his support of you opening up into your biggest, most powerful, brilliant self. Talking about his life while he was in human form doesn’t serve that purpose.
If you consider yourself a visionary, have big ideas or are on the front lines as a thought leader, this will support that work. He wants you to know that you can define that however you wish. His intention is to support you in bringing your brilliance out in greater measure, if you’re willing to do that. It also helps if you have a strong belief in Ascended Masters, Archangels and helpers on the other side.
You’re looking for hardcore proof that it is Prince. If you know me personally and have followed the journey with me over the past months, you know there’s no question who this is. If you don’t know me personally, check the blog so you can see how this came to be and why I am doing this work. I am sharing as much of that (weird + wonderful) journey as I can to give you a sense of comfort about who’s on the other end of the line (so to speak). Also, if you have judgments about why this work is being offered the way it is, this is not for you. He is partnering with others in different ways so it may not look the same as my work does. This is how I’ve been asked to do it and work in complete and full partnership with him, as I did with Guides and Teachers in Spirit.
From Prince himself: “Only U know the answer. U can hold onto the information like a keepsake in a tiny box or U can throw the box away and dance into a whole new space that asks much more of U but gives U so much more in return. I can’t do the dancin’ 4U but I can give U the steps. Question is, are U up to the challenge? Only U know.”

Meet Lisa

I’m a professional intuitive, Spirit Guide channel and business mentor and have been doing this work for over ten years.

Even though I’ve been a Prince fan before anyone knew who he was, I only recently became acquainted with him energetically the day he left the physical.

He speaks to many from his space now in the higher realms and I’m so touched that he’s specifically asked me to open the door to visionaries and those who are willing to expand into all of who their soul came here to be. This is part of my soul work as it’s part of his to guide us into this magnificent space of potential.

He supports you in seeing the truest vision for what you’re here to do.

Through the experience of working with him over the past months, I’ve taken my biggest leap yet into trusting what my soul is here to do and I’ve been supported in ways that continue to amaze me.

Why Me?

Good question. I am one of the clearest channels you will meet and work with those on the highest vibration plane all the time. Not only am I able to access his frequency as an Ascended Master, I am able to help you put what he shares into action so you see or feel a change immediately.

Also, he knows that I have loved him in some weird, mystical, we-are-connected-at-soul-level way since the very start of his career. He told me to  ….  look at the other humans on this planet channeling higher beings and consider this. Just because you were aware of him while he was in body…and that you were both in body at the same time on this planet, makes it no different. See him as the higher being he is.” 

Back to why me – I’m his clearest channel for this particular flavor of his work.  “Her energy matches the vibration needed to bring this information to the world. Her heart is as big as the ocean and she is able to hold the vibration high, so you can rise up to match it. We have had an agreement through many lifetimes, and she has always seen me for the visionary I was and am.”

* Part of a longer message brought through by Amy Venezia detailing my work specifically with Prince. She has my undying gratitude for getting me set on this path.

  • Recorded Audio

    Download available within 24 hours of session (often sooner)

  • Group + Personal message from Prince

    Channeled through Lisa

  • Time for your questions

    He’s open and willing to answer your questions about anything that came up during his message or your work as a visionary.

Purple Saturation Group Experience


I’m so ready!

What Lisa conveyed “rang” so true for me. I had been sensing and feeling Prince since his passing, but having this session gave me the confirmation I needed to trust that we truly do have a connection.

I listened to the recording again today, because I just couldn’t find the right words to describe what I gained from the experience; you have to EXPERIENCE it. But by listening again I got 5 pages of notes!

The most valuable thing was to be TOLD “I’ve got you.”And PS – Lisa is really, really good at this!!

Judi P.

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