More adventures with my pal Ghost Prince! 

‼️(Part 3 includes the story of how I got on Michael Deans Prince Podcast and the link to listen!)

Videos 3 and 4 are up! Go to the Adventures with Ghost Prince playlist and theyre all there. 💜

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Adventures with Ghost Prince Part One -  the very beginning - wherein I reveal my inner fangirl. Enjoy!

Part Two is coming shortly!

TODAY ONLY! 30-minute recorded intuitive reading for just $50.  (Usually $125)

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I was talking to my friend Angella the other day about why I created Activate! and this popped out of my mouth: 

Instead of people waiting to hear what their guides have to say, I want them to find out what THEY have to say. Because heres what Ive learned over my many years of doing this work: you know. 

YOU KNOW the answers. Somewhere inside you, those answers are there.

That doesnt mean your Guide team isnt helpful. They definitely are. What if, instead of seeing their wisdom as outside your self, you realized they are representative of the part of you that knows all answers? Because thats what they truly are.

Imagine if you fully acknowledged that you have the answers within you and worked as a full equal partner with your Divine team? That takes the work to a completely different level (and the magic too!).

Thats what Activate! does: it opens the door for you to EXPERIENCE the answers that come from inside you. Are you willing to step through the threshold and see whats there for you?

If so, please join me Tuesday November 13 at 1pm (eastern) for Activate!. Youll come away with answers to a question you bring to the workshop and an easy process you can use anytime you want.

Go to www.lisamw.com/activate to reserve your seat. The workshop is kept small on purpose so you get personal attention from me to help you understand the language of your soul.

Id love to play with you in this expansive and fun space. Come join me!
All the answers you need are within you right now. Learn how to bring it out in answer to a question AND how to connect to it again and again.  

ACTIVATE! happens Tuesday November 13th at 1pm eastern. More info and signup at the link! 

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