I just help you remember.

"Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition." ~ Steve Jobs

What's truly possible if you trusted yourself completely?

Here's what I know to be true

Trusting yourself will summon up your fears, your judgments, your insecurities. 

I won’t lie about it.

But when you are willing to take the risk of trusting your inner guidance, things fall into place easier. Life makes more sense.

And that’s when the BIG magic shows up.

Want a partner ?

Channeled Messages on Video

You want answers. I’ve got a clear channel.  Let’s activate that connection so you hear from your Guides + Teachers in Spirit without interruption.

Online Training

Learn in your own way in your own time. I’ve created courses on WooWoo, Business and Personal Development so you can dip in or binge to your heart’s content.

Wise Words

“And in the absence of fear and control | Is the sound of the surrendering soul” 

~ Prince



“Be loud about the things that are important to you.”

~ Karen Walrond

Dig learning? I got you covered!

 WooWoo 101: Learn how to connect with your Guides consistently, how to manage your own self-authority in that partnership and more!

Trust What You Get: A roadmap to YOUR roadmap. Learn what true intuitive knowing is, how to work with Guides + Teachers in Spirit and play with some exercises to amp up that GPS. It’s all there, you just have to trust it.


“ Lisa is a master at the intuition side – there is no one else I refer people to so they can connect with their guides. 

But she’s unlike most intuitives I know because she GETS business. She has the nuts and bolts of business and technology mastered and she is often a go-to resource for tools and tips to make the business side of my business easier and more functional without getting bogged down with it being complicated. 

 And to have all of that in ONE package? It’s a no-brainer to work with Lisa.


Hi, I'm Lisa


   Divine Oracle for Higher Wisdom (certified & everything!)

  Groovy chick with a hella clear channel + a killer sense of humor 

  Loving guide who helps you get your shit straight  

Access the wisdom of the
Universe with me!

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