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Everything you ever wanted to know about Lisa (sorta)

I love what I do

I really do.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d still be doing this work.

I’d be doing it from my deck facing the ocean, of course, and have a couple of cabana boys, but everything else would be just the same.

Supporting those who are willing to step into self-empowerment is a big deal to me and the work I do toward that is sacred. And I feel blessed to do that work in the many forms it has taken in this lifetime.

It’s been said that being an entrepreneur is a spiritual journey and I agree 100%. It’s helped me come back to myself, to stop worrying about taking up space in the world and to share openly and with confidence the skills I’ve acquired.

I talk to Spirit Guides

Also dead people. And Archangels. Plus my dogs and cat.

Fine, fine. I’ve talked to other off-planet beings, too. I’m happy to chat with most any divine being who comes to call.

I am one of the clearest channels to Guides and Teachers around.

What’s funny to me is that I had no idea who Spirit Guides were (I was raised in the Catholic tradition – we had angels but not Spirit Guides) and remember thinking “Who is this just chatting away in my head” when I was talking to people. After some investigation, it dawned on me what was going on. How I came upon this marvelous ability is a mystery but it’s there and it’s way cool.

I wanted to be a therapist

… and a lawyer and a journalist. Got a degree in counseling psychology because the question of “What’s that about?” is a life-long quest for me.
Somehow (not sure how), I ended up working in financial services for 30 years. (This from the girl who couldn’t balance a checkbook to save her life.)

You know how you learn one thing and you’re so deep into it (knowledge-wise) that getting out and starting over feels like too much effort? Yeah, that was me.

Learned a lot of stuff I’ll never use (option spreads, anyone?), made some really good friends and helped a lot of nice people. I could do it in my sleep.

Following the urging of my Guide team, I started offering intuitive readings at Practically Intuitive professionally in 2010 and have trained others to do professional readings through my mentoring/certification program. The focus has always been on grounded, helpful readings. None of this “Your aura is pink and there’s love all around you!” because how does that help you change your life? It doesn’t. So, my agreement with the Guide teams is that they give specific and actionable guidance. (And they have stuck to the bargain!)

I built Practically Intuitive part-time while working a full time job in financial services. At some point, though, I had reached a place where I couldn’t exist in the corporate world any longer. I felt squished into a box and resented it and loved the freedom of working the way I wanted to do it.

So, I left the corporate jungle for good at the end of 2014 and went full-time in my own business at Practically Intuitive. I have met some wonderful friends, worked with people who are doing awesome things in the world and this is the space that feels like it’s really mine.

My kids have 4 feet

For many years, I was the proverbial cat lady, toting around 4 of them to this place and that. Slowly, I turned into a dog lady when the cats shuffled off this mortal coil.

When our 15 year old wonderful dog left us in 2012, hubs got attached to a 5 month old puppy named Brogan and he became ours. (I would NOT recommend going from a sedate 15 year old dog to a 5 month-old puppy. I almost lost my mind. Almost.)

A year later, I saw a dog named Pearl at a local rescue and we added her to our pack. She was rechristened PJ because she’s all about the sleeps.

Last year, an 8 month old kitty found his way into our world and despite his given name being Zippy, he’s mostly called Pibbens for reasons no one knows. He seems to think he’s a dog too and Brogan is his alpha.

Speaking of hubs, his online nickname is Duty because he is all about it. Need something done, no questions asked? He’s your man. Twenty years in the Navy trained him well. We couldn’t be more different but he is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. He was worth waiting for.

Finally, I have a goddaughter in Spirit named Lauren (yes, she talks to me from the other side) and a godson named Peter (who talks to me from this side!) While I was not a biological mother in this lifetime, I have had the opportunity to be a Fairy Godmother to some amazing folks.

I am that eccentric aunt who will get you into trouble (and back out again) and the one you can tell stuff you can’t tell anyone else. Plus, I deliver interesting messages from Angels and Guides and assorted dead peeps. You never know what’s going to come out of my mouth!

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