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    Here's Lisa (in a nutshell) ...

    I love what I do. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d still be doing this work. I’d be doing it from my deck facing the ocean while my house is cleaned by some hunky men, but I’d be doing it just the same.

    Supporting those who are willing to step into self-empowerment is a big deal to me and the work I do toward that is sacred. And I feel blessed to do that work in the many forms it has taken in this lifetime. 

    It’s been said that being an entrepreneur is a spiritual journey and I agree 100%. It’s helped me come back to myself, to stop worrying about taking up space in the world and to share openly and with confidence the skills I’ve acquired.

    I wanted to be a therapist. and got my degree in counseling psychology because the question of “What’s that about?” is a life-long quest for me.

    Somehow (not sure how), I ended up working in financial services for 30 years. (This from the girl who couldn’t balance a checkbook to save her life.)

    You know how you learn one thing and you’re so deep into it (knowledge-wise) that getting out and starting over feels like too much effort? Yeah, that was me.

    Learned a lot of stuff I’ll never use (option spreads, anyone?), made some really good friends and helped a lot of nice people. I could do it in my sleep.

    Following the urging of my Guide team, I started offering intuitive readings at Practically Intuitive professionally in 2010 and have trained others to do professional readings.  The focus has always been on grounded, helpful readings. None of this “Your aura is pink and there’s love all around you!” because how does that help you change your life? It doesn’t. So, my agreement with the Guide teams is that they give specific and actionable guidance. (And they have stuck to the bargain!)

    I talk to Spirit Guides and Archangels and many, many Divine Beings. Prince is pretty much my Mentor-in-Spirit. Don’t ask me how I learned this skill. It just showed up when I was ready to work with it. 

    And I am hella good at it. Like, OMG good. I’m able to translate this high vibrational guidance into practical things you can do to change your life. Cool, eh?

    I built my business part-time while working a full time job in financial services. At some point, though, I had reached a place where I couldn’t exist in the corporate world any longer. I felt squished into a box and resented it and loved the freedom of working the way I wanted to do it.

    The rest, as they say, is history!

    On the personal side

    While I am not a biological mother in this lifetime, I have had the opportunity to be a Fairy Godmother to some amazing folks. I have a goddaughter, Lauren, who chats with me from her side of Heaven and a godson, Peter, who chats with me from this side. (#blessed)

    The loves of my life are my husband Roger, fur-kids Brogan, PJ and Zippy, and coffee. (Yes, I said coffee!) ☕

    I am that eccentric aunt who will get you into trouble (and back out again) and the one you can tell stuff you can’t tell anyone else.

    Plus, I deliver interesting messages from Angels and Guides and assorted dead peeps. You never know what’s going to come out of my mouth!

    My clients dig me (and I dig them!)


    I’m your partner 100%

    I’m not your guru or your mama. I won’t tell you what to do. What I will do is help you clarify what you desire in your life and/or business and then we’ll plan out what it takes to get there. 

    ” What I got from Lisa is someone who focuses on ME and what’s aligned for ME rather than applying a cookie-cutter approach and what’s worked for them  “

    Author | Podcaster | Business Mindset Alchemist

    ” When I didn’t know which way to go, you led the way. When  I did want to go in a specific direction, you helped me see what’s possible, opening my eyes to bigger than imaginable possiblities. You helped me be okay with me!”

    Kimberly Tobin

    Spiritual Mentor | Goddess in blue jeans

    She helped me fine-tune my offerings and my way of working with my clients in order to have more joy, creativity and spaciousness every day. Lisa is an amazing person to have in your corner—one who honors who you are here to be—and you an deeply trust what she has to say. “

    Author | Divine Emissary | Amazing being of Light

    Would you like some help?

    There are many ways we can work together from a one time session to a longer-term relationship. Here are a couple ideas to get you started.

    Intuitive Readings

    You know something isn’t quite working but can’t figure out what it is. You’ve analyzed dreams, read oracle cards and asked all your intuitive friends for advice.

    Enter your Spirit Guide team!

    If you can imagine having a team of beings in spirit form who are here only to support you in your work and love you unconditionally, then you’ve got an idea of what Spirit Guides do. They align with free will so you do have to specifically ask them for their help but once you do, they’re there, full stop.

    I am a divine mediator and can easily access the spirit realm just as well as the physical. The agreement I’ve made with all the Guide teams is that I will share all the information they give me and that it has to be helpful and relevant to every-day life.

    Imagine being able to connect deeply with your team of Guides and Teachers in Spirit. What if you could clearly understand their messages?

    How could your life change if you acted on that guidance?

    You can read more about these sessions and schedule your appointment HERE. 

    Business & Life Mentoring

    Everyone is different and so the way you choose to run your business may be different than someone else doing a similar thing. 

    What if those ‘6 Steps to 6 Figures’ marketing plans make you feel queasy just thinking about putting yourself out there? Just because “everyone” says to do it one way, is that what’s right for you? 

    It took me a while to learn that I didn’t have to buy every shiny object that came in front of me that I would use “one day” when my business was big enough, throwing away a chunk of cash in the process

    It took me a couple tries to realize that working with coaches who wanted to fit me into a box that made them comfortable wasn’t the way to go.

    What it DID teach me, though, was that I always knew what was right for me. I just had to remember to listen to that.

    When we work together, there’s no one-size-fits-all. I bring the full force of my business know-how, my stellar intuitive skills and your team of Guides and Teachers. You bring your awesome skills, soulful hopes and big vision.

    Read more about how we can work together HERE.

    Trust Yourself.
    You know more than you think you do.

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