Coherence is when all of you is moving in the same direction.

A former teacher used to hammer this concept into those of us creating a business online because you sometimes lose sight of what you’re doing and before you know it, you’ve got 300 different things floating around the interwebs.

He’s right. That makes complete sense, I thought. I’ll focus on that.

Then I set about creating incoherence like a mad woman. Prince work over here, Lisa work over there, old website here, website yet to be born over there. Man, that was a hot mess of a time. So many ideas and ways to play. What’s a girl to do?

When you follow the flow of the energy, and you’re in the middle of a huge expansion (as I was in 2016), it can be challenging to move in just one direction. All I could do was feel the energy, go where I was led, get the pieces I needed and keep moving.What remained constant, though, was my focus on helping you bring forward the part of you that knows the answer.

When I re-focused on what is mine to do *now*, the answer was clear (and coherent!). All of me in one place. Which makes it easier for all of you.

Introducing The Hub of Trust + Love!

The Hub of Trust + Love is where you’ll find everything I’ve created in one place. 

Inside are two new offerings:

Plus, channeled messages and select YouTube videos that you can watch without leaving the Hub. I’ll be adding a resources section with books, videos and teachers I’ve learned from and recommend, and videos created for Hub members only and more!

Best part? It’s all free, right there and waiting for you to dive in.

You can also book your individual readings through the Hub as well as see what else I’ve got going on. All in one space. No more clicking around. Just one bookmark for everything Trust + Woo related.

Here’s what you do:

1) Go to the Hub of Trust + Love (CLICK HERE)

2) The Hub is the top left section of the page

3) Click on LEARN MORE which takes you to the signup page. On the right, you’ll see all everything you can immediately access as soon as you log in.

4) Bookmark the site so you can go back to it anytime. When I add content, you’ll get a quick email so you know to go in and take a look around and run amok, if you want. In fact, I encourage the amok-ness.

Hang on to your hats in the coming months. The energies are gonna take us on a ride, I feel. More about that next time.

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