Building YOUR Foundation of Trust

If you’ve been in my world for even a short time, you know that I bang on and on about how important trust is when you seek guidance – be it from your Higher Self or your Guides and Teachers in Spirit. It’s one of the cornerstones of my work, it’s that important. I believe […]

Following the Energy is easy, amirite?

I and others talk often about following your inner guidance and the flow of energy because it’s usually the easiest pathway, once you get used to it. Things come together, people and support show up, and it’s truly a wonderful way to create and live. Except when it tells you that this thing you love […]

One question cuts through the noise

woman in white long sleeved shirt holding a pen writing on a paper

“What is mine to do here?” is that question. I learned to ask it during my time at Sancta Sophia Seminary and it’s held me in good stead in the years since. I’ve mentioned before that my dad went blind from diabetes when I was 6 months old and lost both his legs to that same […]

If it feels heavy, it’s not expansion

man in black reebok shoes about to carry barbell

Don’t you hate when you can see something so clearly in someone else but not in yourself? I think we all have those moments where we’re so deep in our stuff that we’re unable to see anything clearly. In fact, the question I most often hear from my clients is “What am I not seeing?” […]

The rewards of deep work

Recently, I shared with you that I was reading “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport and wasn’t sure how I’d like paring down my techno-joy. It did inspire me to become more mindful of where online I’m roaming, so there’s that. I also picked up his earlier work “Deep Work – Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted […]

Digital Minima-What?

Digital Minimalism – have you heard the term? Twice in the space of as many days, I heard those words and thought it might be a message from the Universe to pay attention to. Turns out, it’s a book by Cal Newport (and possibly a message as well) which I promptly bought because #IPayAttention.) He talks […]

Easy ways to keep your vibration high

Everything in our world is energy, including us! To manifest our deepest desire, not to mention just to be overall happier, we need to keep our vibrations high. Like attracts like, so when we intend to attract awesomeness into our lives, we need to feel, think and be awesomeness. Sounds easy, right? Well, yes and […]

How to get clear about what you really want

“It’s better to give than receive” goes the old adage. And many of us have taken this to heart. We’re happier than pigs in a poo-bin giving but when it comes to receiving, well, that’s a different story. This applies to asking for help from the Universe, too. Are you willing to receive what you […]

You know.

Lisa Wechtenghiser

I was talking to my friend Angella the other day about why I created¬†Activate!and this popped out of my mouth: “Instead of people waiting to hear what their guides have to say, I want them to find out what THEY have to say.” Because here’s what I’ve learned over my many years of doing this […]

All of you moving in the same direction


Coherence¬†is when all of you is moving in the same direction. A former teacher used to hammer this concept into those of us creating a business online because you sometimes lose sight of what you’re doing and before you know it, you’ve got 300 different things floating around the interwebs. He’s right. That makes complete […]