One question cuts through the noise

woman in white long sleeved shirt holding a pen writing on a paper

“What is mine to do here?” is that question. I learned to ask it during my time at Sancta Sophia Seminary and it’s held me in good stead in the years since. I’ve mentioned before that my dad went blind from diabetes when I was 6 months old and lost both his legs to that same […]

You know.

Lisa Wechtenghiser

I was talking to my friend Angella the other day about why I created Activate!and this popped out of my mouth: “Instead of people waiting to hear what their guides have to say, I want them to find out what THEY have to say.” Because here’s what I’ve learned over my many years of doing this […]

What’s the language of your soul?

In a recent Activate workshop I noticed something interesting. When we went up to Oracle Space and gathered information to play with, some of what came through was sorta cryptic. Some of it was clear as day. Some of it didn’t at all seem to answer the question asked in any way. It was puzzling […]

The View from 58

As I write this, it’s my 58th birthday. It feels weird even saying that because most times, in my head, I’m somewhere between 12 and 28. Like, I keep waiting to feel like “an adult” (whatever that is, I guess) and so far, nope. Just 12 and 28. But let’s pretend that I feel the […]