Following the Energy is easy, amirite?

I and others talk often about following your inner guidance and the flow of energy because it’s usually the easiest pathway, once you get used to it. Things come together, people and support show up, and it’s truly a wonderful way to create and live. Except when it tells you that this thing you love […]

The rewards of deep work

Recently, I shared with you that I was reading “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport and wasn’t sure how I’d like paring down my techno-joy. It did inspire me to become more mindful of where online I’m roaming, so there’s that. I also picked up his earlier work “Deep Work – Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted […]

Digital Minima-What?

Digital Minimalism – have you heard the term? Twice in the space of as many days, I heard those words and thought it might be a message from the Universe to pay attention to. Turns out, it’s a book by Cal Newport (and possibly a message as well) which I promptly bought because #IPayAttention.) He talks […]

The View from 58

As I write this, it’s my 58th birthday. It feels weird even saying that because most times, in my head, I’m somewhere between 12 and 28. Like, I keep waiting to feel like “an adult” (whatever that is, I guess) and so far, nope. Just 12 and 28. But let’s pretend that I feel the […]