Be a Clear Channel for Spirit

"Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities, or even animals and pets. A channeler is very similar to a language translator or interpreter. They allow themselves to sense the non-verbal communication from another being and then translate it into human words.”

Anyone can be a Channel.

Truly. We all have the ability. The question is, do we have the DESIRE to do the work it takes to be a clear channel for Spirit?

Channeling your Guides and Teachers brings you in touch with more support from Spirit than you ever imagined. More joy. More alignment. More of who you came here to be.

The flip side of that abundance is the inner work that must be done to get and remain a clear vessel for Divine messages. 

Being a Channel requires BOTH inner and outer work.

Have you ever wondered why two people can channel the same Divine Being and yet the messages are very different in vibration? You can ask the same question and get different answers from different channels. 

Why is this? Aren’t they channeling the same Being? Shouldn’t the answers be the same from Channel to Channel?

Here’s the reason: ALL channeling is interpreted through the channel’s subconscious mind. If someone is not developed in their consciousness, carries a lot of inner baggage they’ve not worked through, are steeped in victim consciousness or negative emotions, it WILL impact their ability to bring through clear guidance.

A Channel is only as good as the development of their consciousness in an integrated way so that they are co-creators with the Divine and not merely a stenographer.

Channel of the Light Training

That's why I created a training unlike any other I've seen.

Channeling is the easy part once you build your trust. 

Doing the work to remain clear can be a life-long path. 

In this 6-month immersive training, I’ll guide you to do both so you can be sure that the wisdom you channel is of the highest vibration and integrity.

Emerge as a Confident, Clear Channel for Spirit

Learn your own way of channeling

There's never just one way to do this work. What's your way of bringing through information? Find and REFINE your process in this training and gain confidence in your skills as you go.

Understand how to work through what comes up

As you dive into this work, anything that isn't a match for that vibration will show up. You'll learn how to process and transmute what's in the way of your channeling clarity.

Support and be supported as you grow

Each cohort has just 8 participants so you'll get lots of personal attention from me as well as connection with those on the same path. Plus, your Spirit Guides have agreed to be extra present for you as you navigate this work.

Conscious Channel Training for Awakened Souls

Here's the deal:

There’s inner and outer work that must be done to be a clear channel.  

This intensive training teaches you the specifics of channeling while helping you learn how to process and remove what gets in the way of that.

It’s big work. And you’re ready for it.

Inner Work:

Outer Work:

Lisa Wechtenhiser

Hi, I'm Lisa

And I’ve been a channel for the Divine in this life and so many others. For me. it’s like breathing and yet I know (and do!) the work needed to be a clear messenger for Spirit. My own Guides and Teachers have let me know that it’s time to teach others this sacred work with an emphasis on both inner AND outer transformation.

I’m a highly trained Oracle, one of only three women who completed the Oracle of the Dove Level 4 accreditation from Seven Sisters Mystery School in 2018. (Read more here and watch the video of a live group channeling session.)

As a professional intuitive, I’ve done over 700 intuitive readings and often get emails saying  “I am so blessed to have someone like you that I trust so deeply in my life”. As a teacher at heart, this trust means everything to me and I take it AND my work very seriously (while being a goofball on the side).

Channel of the Light Training

If this is your work, you'll know it.
Whether you want to receive guidance for yourself and/or others, this training will change your life.

Ever wonder if you're truly living your purpose?

Download this workbook and find out if you're on track!


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