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Open your direct line of communication with Spirit

What if you could access clarity and guidance that you trust ON DEMAND?
What would it feel like to be so confident in that guidance
that you act on it immediately?

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: You already have the ability to do that.

(Really. You do.)

It came as part of the “Be a human” package. But most people don’t dare to unpack it for lots of reasons. One of the biggest is they think they’ll fail. 

But you can’t fail. You just have to recognize YOUR way of receiving it. That way won’t look like mine or your friend’s or the person you saw channeling Metatron on YouTube. It will be uniquely yours, born of your experience and your inner wisdom. All it takes is learning to see it. 

Personal Transformation Through Channeling

Conscious Channel Training
for the Awakened Soul

In this 6-month immersive experience, you’ll learn to connect with the Divine YOUR way and deepen the trust you have in yourself. 

Channeling is easy once you build your trust.

Spend 6 months in the energy of full trust. 
Who will you be at the end of that time?

"Not just a course, it's a transformational experience."

What started out as "Learn to Channel" training turned into SO MUCH MORE by the end of six months.

My students said it became an experience in trusting yourself, speaking what comes from and through you, and connecting deeply with the part of you that knows the answers are always available to you.
Here’s what I know for sure: the process of learning to hear the voice of the Divine calls you into a more expanded version of yourself. You cultivate absolute trust and know you are always guided.
After spending 6 months held safely in the energy of trusting yourself and being supported all the way with a loving community, guided by someone who wants you to fly higher than you’ve ever flown (and knows how to help you get there!), you WILL NOT be the same person who began the training.

A bit more information for you

The first few sessions will be focused on the basics of channeling which include:

  • How to work with one Divine Being so you can easily tap into their energy signature and trust it.
  • How to ground and create the right space in which to do your work and why that's critical to being a clear channel.
  • Why discernment is the most important part of your work as a channel.
  • And more ....

Because there are just 8 members in the cohort, you can't get lost in the crowd or fall behind. No matter where you start, I meet you there and we walk forward on YOUR path. 

Plus, you'll create a trust bond with the other members that gets stronger as we go deeper into the work. It's a space of trust, love, and possibilities.

Confidence in what you bring through only comes from practice and we do lots of that in our work.

  • Partner each month with a different classmate to practice what we've learned.
  • Participate in group channels during class. 
  • Fly on your own at the end of the training and record channeled messages on video. (Eeek!) 

In the first cohort, Archangel Metatron came in to co-create the class based on what the students needed. We guided them to places they were ready to go, even if it seemed a stretch to them.

Metatron will again co-create the training with us, and you'll see trust in action as he adjusts the work based on what is needed. I know how to follow his energy and together, we will create a training that is exactly right for the students in class.

No two cohorts will be the same. The basic structure is there but you'll have to trust me and Metatron to take you where you need to go. 

Can you trust yourself to let go and allow the energy to speak?

Commit to yourself

This training is like nothing else out there.

There are lots of “Learn how to channel” training courses out there and each have their merits. You won’t find one like this, though. Why? Because it’s co-created through me, you and Metatron as we go. I know the direction and start us going down that path. Like Dorothy being joined by the Tin Man, we are joined by Archangel Metatron to guide us on our way. No two cohorts of this training are alike because no two participants in it are alike. 
Metatron and I create the space for you to step into deep trust which not only helps you gain confidence, but opens you up to skills you didn’t realize you had all along. You won’t find anything like this out there because it’s truly one-of-a-kind training made just for you.

Hi. I'm Lisa

I’ve been a channel for the Divine in this life and so many others. It’s like breathing to me and I consistently do the  inner work  needed to be a clear messenger for Spirit. My  trusted Guides and Teachers have let me know it’s time to teach others this sacred work. Our world desperately needs those who can tap into guidance with discernment and clarity.  That’s been the bellwether of my work as an intuitive. 

As a highly trained Oracle,  I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life devoted to stepping into my highest potential as such. I am one of only three women (out of over 300) to complete the Oracle of the Dove Level 4 accreditation from Seven Sisters Mystery School in 2018. (Read more here and watch the video of a live group channeling session.)

Why choose me as your Guide/Teacher?

Someone can be highly skilled in their craft and still not have the ability to support others as they grow into their own abilities. I do.  I can see your potential and help you see it, too. It’s all done in a loving and caring way where you feel seen.  I want you to fly! And I want to help you see your wings and trust that if you jump, those wings will support you beautifully. That’s who I am at heart because I believe when one does well, we all do well. 


Here’s what my students in the first cohort had to say  when I asked them for 3 words to  describe working with me.  As a teacher of this course, Lisa is:

  • Inclusive – Lisa made every person feel included and valuable to the entire group. 
  • Nurturing – Lisa provided a safe space and encouraged each person into their own growth and development. 
  • Clear-Sighted – Lisa is able to see the big picture and explain this information in an understandable way for each person.
  • Connected – you are always bringing through clear information from the unseen. 
  • Confident – you trust what comes through and you help your students build trust in their own abilities.
  • Consistent – you are consistent in each and every session; this is important when learning a new skill and it was especially helpful in developing my channeling skills. 

It’s easy to get lost in many courses. There’s a lot of students and everyone clamors for attention. I specifically kept this class small so you would get the feedback you need to truly trust yourself and bring through clear guidance that you can use. 

Channel of the Light students speak!

Lisa is quite adept in her channeling abilities. It's one attribute to effectively channel, and yet another to be able to teach others how to tap into their unique channeling abilities. Lisa definitely achieved this during the Channel of the Light training. I went into this training optimistically not knowing if I would be able to channel after the class completed. Shortly into the course, I was channeling with the divine being I partnered with.

Amazing Results! This training is well worth the investment of time and cost.

Graduate, Channel of the Light Training
I would say you are getting the channeling training plus much more. You get the possibilities of your soul's growth, you get confidence building, with trust infused in it. It feels like magical exploration, not just basic channeling.

Best part? The discussions and the support the group gave. It's hard to find the right people to discuss things with in a trusting environment.

Lisa is the Trust Master, The Trust Master Extraordinaire, the Trust Master Supreme, the Trust Master of all Trust Masters.

Graduate, Channel of the Light Training

May I answer your questions?

How do I know I'll be able to channel?

You don't know for sure. That's where you have to let go of your fears and lean way in to the trust. (Many in the other cohort worried about the same thing and they were all able to do it by the end of the training.)

Are there any prerequisites needed to join?

Nope! Come just as you are however you are and go from there. If you've never done this before, I think you'll be surprised at what transpires for you during the course of the term.

When does it start?

In late September, we'll have a 90-minute orientation to get to know each other a bit and talk about what's coming. In October, we'll begin the formal training with twice monthly two-hour sessions and will continue through March 2022.

How much time will I need to dedicate outside of class?

You'll have two meetings with your class partner each month which can last about 30-45 minutes each. In addition, there will be different types of homework each month depending on what we're doing. I'd estimate 2-3 hours of outside work.

What's the biggest challenge I'll face in class?

Letting go of doubt - in yourself, in your ability to bring through guidance, in what you bring through. That's the key to it all. (And guess what? You totally will.)

What else do I need to know?

ONE BIG THING: You'll need to be on all the calls live (barring an emergency) because the group dynamic is one of the most important keys to this work. If all this scares and intrigues you, then it's likely your next step. 🔥
I would like to share that this has been an incredible life changing experience for me and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. At the onset, it felt like it was going to be one of my greatest experiences and in actuality, it turned out to be just that. It was more beneficial than I could have ever imagined.
channel your light Lisa Wechtenhiser #channel
Graduate, Channel of Light Training
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