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One of the things I hear often when I do phone readings is this: 

“I wish I hadn’t talked so much. I wanted to hear from my Guides a lot more.”

I get it. 

In fact, I’ve done it too when I’ve had readings. Often, it’s one of the few spaces where we feel safe enough to speak AND truly heard by the intuitive reader.

Still, you want to hear what your team (and other Divine Beings) wish to share with you, right?

Channeled Video Readings give you 

the best of both worlds.

In a video channeled message, it’s all signal and no noise. You send me your 2 questions ahead of time and then I turn on the camera and just channel your answers. 

Your Guides can show up, or one of the Big Guns (Metatron, Archangel Michael, The Marys (Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene)) and chances are pretty good that my wonderful Spirit Bestie, Prince will join in with his own interesting perspective.

The best part: there’s no appointment to show up for, no time zone difference to calculate, no wondering what to even talk about. You just send me the questions and off I go! The readings run about 20-25 minutes (give or take a few minutes) and are done on Loom. I’ll send you the link after I record your video so you can watch and/or download.

Why get an intuitive reading?


Sometimes, you can’t see how close the answer might be because you’re deep in it. 

This is where it helps to have someone unattached to the issue AND your Guides who have a very different way of looking at things.

New Perspectives

Guides and Teachers see BIG PICTURE. 

They can help you see something from a different angle and that shift might be exactly what you need.


By far, this is the biggest reason to check in with your Guide Team. 

They excel at expanding the energies so you can see more possibilities than you knew were available.

Rave Reviews for the Video Readings

This is so juicy and helpful and right on time, Lisa. I so appreciate you and your offer of this wonderful jolt of good and inspirational energy!!
Great questions to ponder+ meditate with.
Madeleine E.
That was amazing and beautiful and touching! It totally resonated with me in so many ways! Thank you SO, SO much for this beautiful reading.  It really touched my heart! You are such a blessing! 
Kerry J.
Intense. Powerful. Expansive. That's all I can say.
I've listened to the video about 4 times and find something new each time. Thank you for bringing all this to light for me.  I'll be back when I'm ready for the next piece.
Roberta L.

Here's how we'll roll:


☑️  Purchase the reading by clicking the button below. Just $90!

📧 During the checkout process, complete the form with your two most important topics you want me to focus on.

⏰ Your reading will be done on the Saturday you select when you book the appointment. 

NOTE: This is NOT a phone appointment, you’re just choosing the date I’ll be doing your reading on my own. 

🔗 A link to view your reading on Loom will be emailed to you the following Monday.

That’s it!

These video readings are a concentrated dose of guidance from Divine Beings who
call you to your highest potential, offer suggestions, solutions, and support in deeply soulful ways.

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