Digital Minimalism – have you heard the term? Twice in the space of as many days, I heard those words and thought it might be a message from the Universe to pay attention to. Turns out, it’s a book by Cal Newport (and possibly a message as well) which I promptly bought because #IPayAttention.)

He talks about taking a 30 day break from all the noise and chaos of the online world and then adding back in only what you truly use. I don’t know about you but that idea horrifies me. I can go the rest of my life without any alcohol and not miss it one bit but you will take away my internet over my dead body.

For a life-long student who grew up trudging her ass to the library everytime she wanted to know something, knowledge at her fingertips is a true miracle. But just because I’m reading, writing and learning while sitting on the couch doesn’t mean that it’s a healthy thing for me.

And the fact that going 30 days without my usual internet use horrified me was for sure something to look at more closely.

It’s a good idea to look at those things we do out of habit (or boredom) and see if they’re supporting us or hindering us. Sometimes, they’re both but is the balance tipped toward hindering? If so, what do you choose to do?

What’s your “I don’t want to go 30 days without it” habit? Are you #TeamOnline24/7? Or #TeamGimmeWineNow? What’s lurking underneath the habit? What is it masking? What would you have to face if you removed it from your life?

I’m still reading the book (a bit at night instead of playing games on my phone) and trying to keep an open mind about the concept. At the very least, the awareness that I was horrified at the thought is a gift. (One I’d like to return, thankyouverymuch! #ignoranceisbliss) What am I willing to do with it? 

And what are YOU willing to do with it?? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear.

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