Divine Oracles – Foundation

What if you could access all the ideas, knowledge and wisdom that is and ever will be known?

Have you noticed there’s always someone out there to tell you what you should do?

What you should think?

What you should feel?

Imagine if you were able to be that voice for yourself, knowing that it all comes from your own soul?

It’s not hard to do. Really. And your soul is amazingly wise.

“Put your ear down to your soul and listen hard.”  – Anne Sexton

As a Divine oracle, you can learn how to deeply listen to your inner voice and know what feels right and aligned for you.

What could change in YOUR life if you learned how to truly hear the voice of your soul?

Welcome to
Divine Oracles – Foundation

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The Oracle Within

“We have the entire universe inside us. Not just a fragment. In the intuitive  life, we don’t lose our fragments, we just know how to welcome them as part of our whole.”  ~  Jennifer Posada

The Foundation of your Oracle Skills Starts right here

Everyone has the ability to receive information and guidance. For some, it’s really easy and for others, it takes time and practice (and practice and more practice).

In Divine Oracles – Foundation, you’ll learn ways to consistently and confidently receive guidance from your Higher Self and other Divine Beings. 


Some of us come into this lifetime with a head start on these skills but they are truly possible for anyone who wants to get in touch with their Higher Self. 


I’ve pulled together over 14 years of studying all things Woo and Woo-adjacent plus what I’ve learned by trying things out, working with clients alone and in groups. In this training, you’ll get a firm foundation on which to grow your Oracle skills. No fluff. No detours. No theories that aren’t grounded in experience.


Bottom line: at the end of the program, you’ll have a process you can confidently return to again and again to find answers aligned with your Soul. 

Here’s how we’ll roll:

6 Training Modules

Work at your own pace through these audio/video modules. Each one helps lay the foundation for your Oracle practice. They’ll be downloadable so you can add them to your library. 

Q+A calls

Two 60-minute live Q+A calls to talk about the material in detail and answer your questions. It will be recorded so you won’t miss anything if you can’t be there live.

Bonus Training!

When you join, you’ll get immediate access to two bonus trainings: Working with Your Spirit Guides and Chakra Basics. This will support all your work connecting with your Godddess/ Oracle self.

We start our journey on April 30!

“Channeling gives you the wise teacher you seek.
One who comes from within rather than without.”
~ Orin and DaBen

Plus some pretty sweet extras!

♥ Private Facebook group to ask questions + connect with others on the same path

♥ Recorded meditations to ease you into the highest energetic space for your cosmic Qu0026amp;A

♥ Special discounts on individual mentoring + support

Pay in Full


I’m ready!

Two Payments

$175 per month

I’m ready!

Meet Lisa Wechtenhiser
your Guide for this journey

As a Certified Dove Oracle Priestess, I am a divine mediator who can easily access the spirit realm just as well as the physical. It shows in my birth chart and I came into it full force about ten years ago. The agreement I’ve made with Creator is that I will share all the information I receive in ways that are helpful and relevant to every-day life.

Not to #humblebrag but I’m really good at this. Like, phenomenally good at it. While I trained to hone those skills, I come by them naturally and I think you’ll find I’m one of the clearest Divine channels around.

All of that to say that I know what I’m doing. I can help you know what you’re doing, too! I see big picture and small steps and am able to break down big concepts into understandable pieces for you. 

Everyone has the ability to receive guidance from their higher self. It takes some focus and practice and lots and lots of trust. I have more than enough trust for you to borrow until you can step into it on your own.

Can I answer your questions?

I try and try to hear my Guides and I just can’t. Will this help me?

Short answer: YES.

Longer answer: Yes. We all have the ability to receive guidance from our soul. How we receive it might take some research and practice but it’s there. I promise.

In this foundational course, I’ll share tools I’ve learned along the way to help you quiet your mind and open a space for your Guide team to connect with you. I’ve found that practice and an understanding of all the ways your team (and your own soul!) connects helps you to see that you’ve been receiving info all along, you just didn’t know it.


What kinds of questions can I receive answers to?

Pretty much anything you want to ask! I’ve done this work professionally for almost 8 years and find that many people want to know questions like these:

  • What is my life purpose?
  • How can I create more abundance?
  • What is the highest and best next step?

Your Guide team (and your higher self) are the perfect places to go to for this information because they know your purpose for incarnating and can give you ideas and suggestions for aligned steps. 

When you have the ability to channel them at will, all the answers you need are pretty much right there. It’s up to you to act on them. 


How can I use this skill in my every day life?

Good question! Channeling gives you your own set of tools to find answers.

We’ve been taught to look outside ourselves because everyone else surely knows better than we do, right?


Our own higher self (soul-self) has the answers if we are willing to take the time to open into the wisdom that comes standard with every human body. (Really, it does.)

Have fun with it and see how many situations you can find to use your newfound skills. 


Is this just for people who want to do it professionally?

Not at all! 

Channeling will  ground and focus your energy and help you open the door to more creativity, insight, and clear guidance. This can support you in your work, your relationships and your life.

If you do want to share this with others, you’ll be well-equipped to bring through perspectives and choices that they might not otherwise see. It’s up to you what you want to do with it. 

Pay in Full


I’m ready!

Two Payments

$175 per month

I’m ready!

Here’s my vision
maybe it’s yours, too?


“Being an oracle is not just about being psychic or giving prophesies, it is about having a touchstone in your heart connected to the center of the Universe, that you can always go to. At any time of the day or night, in any condition, in any place. It is a gift we all have access to. It just requires remembering that we have it.”
~ Jennifer Posada
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