Easy ways to keep your vibration high

Everything in our world is energy, including us! To manifest our deepest desire, not to mention just to be overall happier, we need to keep our vibrations high. Like attracts like, so when we intend to attract awesomeness into our lives, we need to feel, think and be awesomeness. Sounds easy, right? Well, yes and no.

You might read about all types of difficult or strange routines you need to do to maintain a high vibration. But truly, all you need to do is find things that make you happy and then do them.

Yep, that’s it.

You don’t need to dance naked in the moonlight – unless that makes you happy and you want to. 

Here’s a list of easy ways to raise your vibration during your day to ensure you are always manifesting what you most desire in your life.

Listen to your favorite music turn on your favorite Pandora station while you work around the house. You might even be inspired to pretend you’re the rockstar on stage! (Just me?) Even better, create your own Happiness Playlist and include all your favorite songs on it.

  Burn your favorite scented candle our sense of smell is one of the strongest ways of connecting with emotion. Use this to your advantage by not saving your favorite candle for special occasions, but instead, burn it every day and maybe even do a little daydreaming while you’re at it.

  Play with a child kids just naturally live in the moment. When you are with them, it’s easier to let go and allow the Universe to handle things. You are sure to laugh and move around too, both of which will raise your vibration. (Don’t have one? A pet will fit the bill just as nicely!)

  Tell someone how much you appreciate them when was the last time you told those you love how glad you are they are in your life? When you start thinking about all they bring to it, you can’t help but feel great, which is all that is required for raising your vibration. (A text message to someone will do just fine. It’s truly and really the thought that counts.)

Daydream you don’t often get permission to daydream, but here it is. Use your power of imagination to visualize your ideal life. If you can’t dream it, it can’t come into your reality. 

Compliment a stranger just like doing any little kindness for someone else, complimenting someone you don’t know makes you feel good. It also makes them feel good, and if you are lucky, they will pass on that good feeling to someone else they meet.

Raising your vibration and keeping it high isn’t hard. In fact, it’s all fun! Just find things that you enjoy and do them more often and POOF! Vibration raised!

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