I and others talk often about following your inner guidance and the flow of energy because it’s usually the easiest pathway, once you get used to it. Things come together, people and support show up, and it’s truly a wonderful way to create and live.

Except when it tells you that this thing you love so dearly isn’t the right next move. 😬

This thing you’ve spent hours and hours and HOURS creating isn’t what the energy requires. That’s when the ego gets all foot-stompy and resistant, thinking it knows best. Sunk costs and all that real world stuff.

How do you discern when the energy is re-directing you vs. your ego being its usual sometimes scared, sometimes bossy self?

It’s at this point I can hear you asking “Lisa, didn’t you get guidance way before this to help you?” because, like, I’m kinda known for that.

I did. (Of course!) And I blew it off. LOL SOB

Metatron let me know the course wanted to be broken into two parts (Foundations of Trust) and a separate training where it’s basically “channel your ass off” because you already have the foundation needed and could dive right in. But I wigged out, thinking I couldn’t get it all done before I wanted to launch the next cohort so put it off until September.

Then, EVERYTHING got so so so hard.

Sales pages took forever when they had been a breeze before, it cost me some bucks for copywriting (that I ultimately tweaked on my own), tech issues out the wazoo and finally, I couldn’t breathe. (When things show up in my body, it’s usually because I’ve ignored the usual pathways.)

As an aside, how did I know it wasn’t about an inner issues? Because I was doing my work on the inner stuff with my therapist. If you’re doing the inner work (however you do it), then it’s likely NOT that.

Following the energy is usually easy. Except when it’s not. What your soul wants is not always in harmony with your ego because it’s asking you to expand into new spaces, new potentials. It always competes with that ego voice which is REALLY LOUD, telling you to just shut up, get off your lazy butt and just plow through it, no matter what.

Which I did, determined to DO THIS DAMN THING NOW. Until I couldn’t breathe. Once I made the choice to step back, my breath returned to normal within a few days. My body no longer had a need to get my attention. That’s how I knew it was what was needed for both the work and for me. See? Easy peasy! (LOL SOB again)

Lisa’s Life Lesson #3,121: Here’s how to know if it’s your soul or your ego:

  1. Your soul will call you into the uncomfortable quite often. (Yey?) Ego wants safe and secure (which can be a good thing many times).
  2. Soul voice is PERSISTENT but not INSISTENT. (h/t Andrrea Hess) – it’s not loud but it will show up again and again until you pay attention.
  3. Soul voice always offers you a choice. If it’s something that is really important, it will show up bigger and bigger (the oft-talked about Cosmic Clue-by-four) but the choice is always there. (#freewill)

Be gentle with yourself. It’s a learning process we all go through. Just chalk it up to “Well, that sorta sucked, but okay” and keep moving. 

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