Intuitive Readings

Imagine being able to connect deeply with your team of Guides and Teachers in Spirit.

What if you could clearly understand their messages?

How would your life change if you
acted on that guidance?


You know something isn’t quite working but can’t figure out what it is. You’ve analyzed dreams, read oracle cards and asked all your intuitive friends for advice.

And still you can’t make any sense of what’s going on.

Enter your Spirit Guide Team!

Spirit Guides are those divine beings who have themselves lived a physical life or thirty and now, as part of their soul evolution, they work with those of us still in the physical. They’ve been with you from before you came into being and were in on the soul blueprint you laid out. Most people have between 5-7 main Guides but others pop in and out for special assignments or as needed. 

Since they have lived many lives in human form, they really ‘get’ the challenges we can face every day. Spirit Guides are uniquely equipped to help you navigate your life because of that. (Archangels and Angels have not lived in a physical body and they help in very different ways.)

If you can imagine having a team of beings in spirit form who are here only to support you in your work and love you unconditionally, then you’ve got an idea of what Spirit Guides do. They align with free will so you do have to specifically ask them for their help but once you do, they’re there, full stop.

So, where do you come in, Lisa?

I am a divine mediator and can easily access the spirit realm just as well as the physical. It shows in my birth chart and I came into it full force about ten years ago. The agreement I’ve made with all the Guide teams is that I will share all the information they give me and that it has to be helpful and relevant to every-day life.

Not to #humblebrag but I’m really good at this. Like, phenomenally good at it. While I trained to hone those skills, I come by them naturally and I think you’ll find I’m one of the clearest Spirit Guide channels around. Not only can I bring through the guidance, but I’m your advocate with the Spirit Guide teams, making sure what you get is not just fluffy stuff but real, actionable guidance.

>>> You’ll leave the reading with clarity, a lot of affirmation about what you know is true deep inside, and steps to connect with your team more fully. And that’s just a start. Even in 30 minutes, you’d be surprised at what can come through. It’s up to YOU to put it into action and you can trust your Guides to help, both in the reading and outside of it. <<<

Tell me more!

  • It's unique to you!

    Each intuitive reading is unique to you and your team of Spirit Guides. No one has the same Guides so no one has the same intuitive reading. In fact, no two readings you receive will be the same. (But your Guide Team will be, of course.)

  • Guidance you can use right away!

    You will get only down-to-earth guidance – no “your aura is pink and that means love surrounds you” kind of information!(Your aura may well be pink and you walk in bubbles of love but there’s lots more that can come through that will make a difference in your life when we hang up. It’s not just information – it’s implementation of that guidance that brings lasting change.)

  • Plenty of time for your questions + it's recorded, too!

    Your session is 30, 60 or 90 minutes – plenty of time for you to ask your questions and understand how to put the guidance into action when we get off the line. The calls are recorded so you can listen again and/or download for your library.

Choose a 30, 60, or 90 minute Reading

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.Dr. Benjamin Spock
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