I found this quote by Issa Rae in a Glamour article earlier this week and it jumped off the page and smacked me in the head:

“All I know is who I am,” she tells me. “At the end of the day, all I know is my intentions, and no matter what you take out of context, no matter what pictures you post, I know what I am aligned with. I know what my truth is.”

Can you say the same?

I thought I could until I ran into a situation online where I got really lost. Twitter is home to my political rantings and it was there that I stumbled upon a group who seemed to have inside info on current White House dramas. (Not QAnon) Despite my spidey sense bubbling up, I dug into it because I wanted to know more. I wanted to think I had an inside track to what’s really going on. I wanted to believe that there were people who were helping behind-the-scenes.

I kept questioning myself, which is not a space I live in (#unwaveringtrust, amirite?) and outsourced my knowing because they were so convincing that they knew what was *really* happening. Walking around in a bubble of “what is even real anymore?” messed with my head so much and it began to impact everything else in my life. (Gaslighting is the official term for what they were doing.)

I. was. done. Anything that gets in the way of my own inner trust is not for me. Long story short, that “group” is really one person who creates elaborate stories to further his/her agenda. Stepping back out of that haze was like breathing clear air for the first time in years. And I got a deeply felt insight into how easy it is to align with someone else’s truth rather than my own.

If someone who lives and breathes inner trust the way I do could get snagged, what about those who are not anchored in their own truth? Can you see how easy it is to manipulate them? If you know what your truth is and are aligned (even just a bit) you’ll know how to get back from that lost place. My intuition had been on high alert the whole time but I chose not to listen because: secret information is one of my gateway drugs. My desire to be ‘in-the-know’ was strong enough to overrule my spidey sense. Until it wasn’t and I came home to myself again.

Can you say you’re aligned with your truth? And what does that even look like for you?

If you’re not sure, let’s find out!

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