No one is coming to save us

I wanted to share something that’s been bubbling up stronger and stronger in the general Woo and Alternative communities that’s really challenging and disconcerting.

Have you heard of QAnon?

“QAnon (“Q”) is both a cult and an addiction. The core Q belief is that good guys (patriots) inside the government are taking down the Deep State (a clandestine network entrenched within the government). They’ve waited decades for the right leader to come along to achieve this. According to Q, that leader is Donald Trump. The early myth was that Q was actually John F. Kennedy, Jr. According to this absurd fabrication, JFK Jr. faked his own death and has been waiting for this moment!” (From here: Is the Wellness Movement Being Tainted by QAnon and the New Age Right?)

Because I hang out in political spaces online, I heard about it quite a while ago but I was surprised at the number of people who weren’t aware of it when I posted about it on my Facebook page. As the article above notes, it’s infiltrated many new age spaces, particularly that of the tarot/oracle communities as well as snagging some of the bigger names in the Alternative Health community. 

As I mentioned in THIS VIDEO I recorded, the languaging Q uses is purposely ambiguous and aligns with many metaphysical beliefs and so those who aren’t aware of it, could easily believe it’s “of the Light”. It’s not. This is where your discernment MUST come in and why I talk about it a lot.

One of the channels I watch on YouTube had surgery and when she returned to making videos, I noticed that a particular innocuous word kept poking me in the eye. I thought “If she says that damn word one. more. time. I’m gonna go ballistic.”  I couldn’t figure out why it bothered me so. That was the first clue something was up. Then I noticed she used wording that Q uses (“The Great Awakening”, for example.) and I started fully paying attention to what she was “channeling” from The Galactic Federation. It was all QAnon stuff.

I was stunned. How could someone I believed to be tuned in the higher vibrations be caught in something like this? Couldn’t she see it was a cult? Nora Herold, an excellent channel with integrity started several conversations about this exact thing on Facebook. Others were as taken aback as I was to see the woman I spoke about above as well as some other highly regarded wellness practitioners (Dr. Christiane Northrup) go down that particular rabbit hole.

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