This message is a portion from a much longer oracle reading I did back in September for a group of friends. I brought Prince through in his highest soul state to talk and his topic was on finding the mastery within you. 

“I’m so thankful and grateful to have you all here with me today.  I know that there are a lot of challenges each of you is facing in your own life and that you are all facing as humans in this world.  I am hopeful that my words today can help you step into that space where you acknowledge your own power. You acknowledge the master that lives within you.  

So Lisa uses a term called sovereignty, others use the word seniority.  Whatever term you want to use, what this means is I claim my space, I claim my gifts, my skills, my abilities, my worth.  That’s a big one, I claim my worth as a human being to exist on this earth at this time.  You’ve probably heard through other channels, that if you are here living through this now your soul has asked to do that.  Your soul has asked to be part of this change.  And those who have come before you have created the foundation for that change as you will be creating a foundation for that change for those coming after you but the challenges you face now are asking you to step up into mastery of your own space and your own knowing.  

Every single one of you here has the ability to play in the energies, in whatever way you choose because it’s always a choice, you choose to do that.  So, for example, if you just sort of know things or if you hear things, how can you amplify that?  How can you really just skate with it?  how do you skate with your knowing?  

And so, let’s talk a little bit about what that mastery is and I’m going to give you a couple concrete ways that you can acknowledge that for yourself. The first thing I want to say and this is probably going into the piece about what you want, the practical part of it but every one of you has something that you can do or be as easily as breathing.  So for me, in this last physical lifetime, it was creating music, I was also a poet, I also knew how to fly on the energies and reach people into that space, I knew that from when I was a child. 

Because that knowledge if I were to take it in, which I did, that knowledge then allowed me to more fully bloom.  So, I had knowledge of myself as a being who knew this energy of music intimately, intimately because it was a part of me and my soul.

So, for each one of you as we sit here by this river, I want you to just take a moment and think about what is it that you do or be. You can just be something and you don’t know how you know it, you just do. How is that showing up in your life and if it’s not, what is the value for you in pushing it away, not acknowledging it? 

So if you just happen to know things, let’s say, and as a child when you shared that, people got scared.  So you thought no this is not a good thing, you put it away, you resisted it.  Well dag, that is one of your gifts, that’s one of your skills and it’s with you for a purpose. 

So let me say this as an aside, you don’t come into an incarnated being, physical lifetime without certain abilities and skills and knowledge that help you with your life mission.  I mean it’s not like we are throwing you into brain surgery without having any medical tutelage before but people seem to think that. I don’t quite know why you all think that, but you seem to think well what’s my purpose in the world.  It must be completely separate from all of these skills that I just happen to have.  And that’s not true, so you know, look at what’s that bag of skills you came into this with, what have you developed over the course of your life. 

Even if you’re young in linear years, from a child you have abilities you have them but because they were so internalized you believe others have them too.  Doesn’t everyone have this?  So let me awaken you to the knowledge that no others do but not everybody.  Not everybody has the ability to do mathematical equations in their head. 

So look at, go back, ask your parents if they are still here in the physical plane.  What did you notice about me as a child?  What things stood out to you, ask your friends what I do that stands out to you that’s really kind of like I don’t even notice it but it’s really effortless.  

There is your mastery, right there.  But because you think everyone has it then you’re looking over here.  How do I get it? How do I find it?  Can someone tell me? 

Can any intuitive or any ascended master tell me what that mastery is? We can tell you from outside, of course, of course, we can, but the value is in you discovering it and then saying to us help me bring it out more. 

Because you certainly know living as a human, I certainly did too. The greatest lessons came from experience and not from someone outside of you saying wow you’re a very good writer. Perhaps you should write a book, I bet many of you heard that, oh you should write a book.  If that urge or that desire isn’t there that’s meaningless. 

So, if you feel called, so let’s go with that, if you feel called to share, writing a book is really taking what’s up here and bringing it out into the world.  That’s it, right, so all the thoughts that are going on up here what is yours to share what is that blend, what is that. 

You know how many musicians exist ever, right.  Zillions and zillions and zillions and yet we very rarely hear a piece of music that sounds alike why do you think that is?  Because every one of us filters it between our own energies and our own experiences.

So what came from me will never come from another person, they can sound like me but the energy of me is not in that other person. My lens my experience my past lives that influence that are not in that person. So what comes from them can never be the same as what comes from me but is it all music?  Yes sure, so if you thinking to yourself oh all these ideas that I have a million people have already said it, why would I bother?  Well you’re looking at your mastery and saying nah, nevermind, nevermind right?  

Instead of saying what can come through only me, what can come through only me.  That’s your mastery, and that’s the perspective that I want you to understand as you’re going out into the world and doing whatever it is that fills your soul up and that your soul is asking for. “

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