As I write this, it’s my 58th birthday. It feels weird even saying that because most times, in my head, I’m somewhere between 12 and 28. Like, I keep waiting to feel like “an adult” (whatever that is, I guess) and so far, nope. Just 12 and 28.

But let’s pretend that I feel the full measure of my years and I’m asked to share 3 bits of “wisdom” about it. Here’s what I’d say:

The older you get, the less you care what people think of you.

You do still care, mind. Just not like you did when you were younger. It might be growing more comfortable with you who are or casting off the shackles of whatever you were told as a child. Who knows? But somewhere in my early-mid 50s, I started giving less of a shit and I gotta say, it’s pretty nice. Wish I did it earlier. (Being an empath AND psychic, I knew all too well how my words would feel to someone and I never wanted to cause pain so I kept quiet about my real feelings a good deal.)

In hindsight, much of your life might make some sense as it relates to your soul work/purpose.

I wanted to be a lawyer, journalist, therapist – something in there. Detoured to financial services for 33 years. Finally came into my own as a coach, teacher, oracle.I wanted to help but not in a restricted way. I had things to share but not in the traditional way. I wanted to talk (but mostly not in a traditional way) and poof! Here I am. Not a traditional kind of chick at all. My family could have told you that early on but I kept thinking I was. Yeah, no.

The abilities you have that you think are no big deal? That is exactly where your superpower resides.

I thought everyone was able to converse with Guides and Teachers on the other side like I could. Or that everyone could write as easily as breathing. Nope and nope. Your astrological natal chart will tell you the energies you came into human form with. Mine is all about communication. And look at what I was drawn to early on: lawyer, journalist, therapist – all involved in-depth communication. What you choose to do with those energies is up to you. But don’t overlook it because it comes easy to you. You’ll be missing the sweetest part of the deal!

My life seemed to be a hodge-podge of reaction rather than actively choosing. And yet, here I am, doing exactly what my heart wished to do – supporting wonderful people dedicated to personal growth and expansion who allow me into the most sacred space of their soul. It took a while to find the way but everything on my path helped me get here. Of that, I am 100% certain.

And to prove I am 12, enjoy me in my wacky Randy Rainbow glasses:

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