In a recent Activate workshop I noticed something interesting. When we went up to Oracle Space and gathered information to play with, some of what came through was sorta cryptic. Some of it was clear as day. Some of it didn’t at all seem to answer the question asked in any way. It was puzzling to the lovely people who brought it through and some even thought they ‘failed’ because a fully-formed plan didn’t appear.

Finding out how your own higher self communicates with you can be a challenge, especially if you’re quite literal minded. A book, for example, can mean something entirely different than, say, an actual book. 🙂 Remember that the language your Higher Self speaks is symbolic. Just like any new language, it might take a bit to get it flowing. You will get it, though, because it’s the language of YOUR soul. It’s made for you. #trustme

One of the best parts of the workshop was decoding that distinct language for each participant. I was able to guide them to take it to the next step. If it’s a fully-formed plan, we expanded on it. If it’s one word, we dug into it. By the end, each person not only had a plan on what to do with the guidance they received but also a way to work with ~how~ that guidance showed up for them.

How cool is that, right?

Look for the next Activate! workshop coming soon!

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