This is an Oracle transmission I brought through on the topic of how to work with your Guides and Teachers in Spirit:

“In the ways you choose to work with us there are going to be more and less that you can be doing. Lets look at the more: as you bring in the energy of those of us on the other side, we’re asking you to feel that energy within you – not out here but we exist already in your energy field. We’re asking you to bring this feeling more inside you in whatever way feels appropriate.

When we’re talking about more, we’re talking about embodying the energy of those of us here who have been tasked  (tasked in a loving way) to work with you. You asked us to and we appreciate that. We’re asking you to make a commitment to working more with us in whatever way benefits you, feels good to you. There’s no specific way that you ‘should’ work with us. There are many books out there in the Universe that will tell you do it this way or that way – wonderful! If that resonates with you, by all means, please do that. If it does not resonate with you, then you are welcome to just do it in whatever way works for you.

Side Note:

When you read books, note that any information that is channeled through that being, that is transmitted through that being from their highest knowing. It is not law, it is not “THE TRUTH” – it is their truth. Maybe it’s yours, maybe not.  The key to all of this, as we talk about discernment, is this question: “What is truth FOR YOU?” – so if a book or a flow of energy doesn’t work with you, it is perfectly fine to release that. Find what does and that may mean going your own way and doing things your own way. Please feel free to do that and know we support you in doing that.

When we ask you to embody the energy, here’s what we’re asking you to embody: the knowing that all the wisdom in the Universe exists already and you have access to that and you don’t have to do anything more than KNOW you have that access. Know you have it.

As an example, if you were born with blue eyes, you KNOW at the core of your being that your eyes are blue. It doesn’t matter whether someone outside tells you that your eyes appear green to them. To you, they’re blue.  It just is.

This is a ‘just is’ fact: every human being who has ever incarnated in the past, those who will incarnate in the future, has access to the answers they wish to know. Whatever questions come to you, you have the ability to find those answers.

And here we’re not necessarily talking about intuition,  but answers to big cosmic questions such as how can we help the world move forward, how can I be a part of healing what needs to be healed – answers like that. They exist and help for you to 1) get the answers and 2) act on those answers exist. We want you to just know that. Know it.

We wish that we could tell you here are 18 ways you can be sure – sorry. Here’s the deal: the degree to which you are willing to KNOW IT is the degree to which you can move forward on your path and the degree to which you can fly higher on your path so that the perspective is different.

The higher you go, the different the perspective. What can you gain from that higher understanding that you can bring down into your 3D life?

Embody the knowing – as we do.”

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