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As a professional intuitive, working in tandem with the Divine is at the heart of what I do.

Whether it’s through an oracle reading, private mentoring or really, anything we do together, I have unwavering trust in the divine wisdom that’s shared because I’ve seen magic happen when you put guidance to work!

I’m one of the best Oracles you’ll ever meet because I know how to take that guidance and turn it into action. This ability has been around all my life and the training I’ve taken over the years has brought it to new and higher levels.

I bring Divine wisdom and guidance into every facet of my work (and life!) and trust in that 100%. You can, too!

There are a couple ways we can partner so check the boxes below and see calls to you.

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Mentoring + Intuitive Training
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Why choose me?

In a sea of sameness, I stand out. Here’s why.

  • I've worked through this stuff myself

    You get real-life experience in being visible and shining. I struggled with compartmentalizing my life and decided it was too exhausting. Why not just be all of me and see what happens? (Sounds easy, not so much, but very worth it!)

  • You create the map for our work together

    This isn’t a “Six Steps to Six Figures in Six Days” program and I’ll never tell you what you should do. Our work is based on where you are and where you want to go. I’m your Guide and partner but where we go is all up to you!

  • I see YOU at soul level

    Your Guides give me a glimpse of your soul potential. They’re there to give us input along the way so our work is ALWAYS aligned with your higher self.

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