I was talking to my friend Angella the other day about why I created Activate!and this popped out of my mouth: “Instead of people waiting to hear what their guides have to say, I want them to find out what THEY have to say.” Because here’s what I’ve learned over my many years of doing this work: you know. YOU KNOW the answers. Somewhere inside you, those answers are there.

That doesn’t mean your Guide team isn’t helpful. They definitely are. What if, instead of seeing their wisdom as outside your self, you realized they are representative of the part of you that knows all answers? Because that’s what they truly are.

Imagine if you fully acknowledged that you have the answers within you and worked as a full equal partner with your Divine team? That takes the work to a completely different level (and the magic too!).

That’s what Activate! does: it opens the door for you to EXPERIENCE the answers that come from inside you. Are you willing to step through the threshold and see what’s there for you?

Next Activate! workshop happens in March 2019! Stay tuned.

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